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How is the Pataa app beneficial for entrepreneurs & commuters?

September 14, 2021

Hey you! Yes you, the one reading this right now. Are you an entrepreneur or a commuter facing issues in everyday work travel? If yes, we believe you! If not, are you sure? Navigating and locating addresses while commuting on the roads is not as easy as it may look. To make it easy we rely on online maps and directions which are rather complex to understand especially in a country like India, consisting of a chaotic web of roads.

You all will agree that finding an address accurately and sometimes quickly is very important. Especially in the concrete jungle of urban landscapes where the lanes are either not marked properly or the main routes are blocked for several reasons ranging from broken drainage to filling a pothole.

Just imagine what delays and failures due to improper navigation systems can result in?! From as simple as pizza delivery to online packages that we were waiting for since long to situations of routing ambulance or fire brigades, all these confusions and delays on the roads just because of poor or improper navigation channels.

What happens when all these people rush to make deliveries on time? What is the result of this hush hush?

  • An average 2-3 people land up in hospitals due to rash driving
  • A good amount falls in the category of dead people
  • Loss of materials/supplies are a result of such accidents

That’s not it! We impact our plant as well.

  • The repeated delivery attempts cause carbon footprints in our atmosphere. The second delivery attempt increases the emissions per drop by 9-75%.

All these facts and figures point toward one direction, the real need for an advanced Digital Addressing system. A system that helps to discover and navigate addresses quickly and accurately without causing such haphazards that we have been seeing till now.

To solve this problem faced by entrepreneurs who work in the logistics industry or like wise and also the commuters who cover long distances on an everyday basis, we bring to you the Pataa app.

What is the Pataa app?

The Pataa app simplifies the routing and navigation of addresses through the innovative concept of Digital Addressing. The way Pataa works is completely out-of-the-box and unique. The app users can choose their own unique single-word code known as their “^Pataa” and add landmarks, record voice directions in their own voice, suggest optimal routes etc.

How does the Pataa app help?

By simplifying your long complex address into a unique short code, the Pataa app makes it easy to share, remember, search, and navigate. No more explaining and typing addresses repeatedly, just share your Pataa on a single tap and say goodbye to all your addressing hassles.

What are the benefits of using the Pataa app?

These are some incredible benefits you will get once you have created your Pataa –

  • No more typing & explaining long addresses
  • No more sharing of phone number or any other personal details
  • Exact navigation makes you reach right up to the doorstep
  • No more missing deliveries
  • Optimize last-mile delivery for your business

Fact Check: Did you know that route optimization platforms can save up to 40% driving time and fuel consumption?? A lot of good can be done to us and the environment at the same time! Don’t you agree?

So, Why wait? Download the Pataa app now to simplify your address and navigate to other addresses efficiently!


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