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Trouble in finding the exact address? Use guidance of this revolutionary app - Pataa

September 28, 2021

Isn’t it annoying and pointless explaining your address over a phone call?! Doesn't it push you to rather say “Stay where you are, I will come and pick you up!” We all have been in situations where either we are guiding someone to reach us or we are getting guided by someone and therefore we know how troublesome the process of finding the exact address is!

Wonder if there is a solution that could save all this time, energy, numerous calls and most of all peace of mind? Wouldn’t it be nice to have our hands on future technology with which we just have to press one single button, maybe on our smartphones and voila! No more worrying about finding the exact address.

What if we told you that we time travelled and brought you a solution to all your addressing frustrations! Won’t believe us? Well let us introduce you to the Pataa app, an app which is revolutionising the process of finding addresses by making addresses simple.

How is Pataa a revolutionary concept?

Pataa app is based on an innovative technology that simplifies the long complex address into a unique code, that is easy to share, remember, search, and navigate.

This is our “told you so!” moment.

With Pataa, forget explaining and typing addresses repeatedly or for that matter even calling, just share your Pataa and relax. Through the Pataa app you can even check the live location of your visitors while they are on their way. Pataa’s cutting-edge digital addressing technology is simplifying addresses and navigation. It aims to solve the real-life challenges faced by commuters and people trying to locate the right address quickly and efficiently. Pataa intends to optimize the entire last-mile delivery process.

Let’s check some facts!

In a recent study in which navigation and online order deliveries were discussed a pressing fact came into being. It shows that by using a route optimization platform about 40% driving time and fuel consumption can be saved. In today’s era all of us are inclined towards online shopping. We end up buying almost everything through the online portals. With order comes deliveries, either at home or our offices. So, why not make the delivery process less complicated and also save our planet by minimizing the carbon footprint that these deliveries result in!

How does the Pataa app fit in all this?

  • It simplifies the process of finding address;
  • Makes our life easy;
  • Makes commutes & deliveries more aligned to sustainability

Pataa is your go-to commute guide. You can rely on the navigation of this app as it provides the most precise location, it drops your visitors at your door steps.

Want to know the features of the Pataa app?

  • You can choose your own unique Pataa code;
  • Record your voice direction for visitors;
  • Add landmarks to your address for better reach;
  • Automate Voice direction via text to audio;
  • Categorize Pataa as either Public (malls, government offices, parks etc.) or Private (personal);
  • Add images of your house/office for convenience;
  • Create extensions for all members living at the same address;

These are some of the awesome services that the Pataa app has in store for you. Now, with this app make your life easier and never again be lost in the maze of chaotic roads and unstructured addresses.

What are you waiting for? Download the Pataa app now!


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