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What are the common addressing delivery issues & how to tackle them?

September 1, 2021

Let’s admit it, explaining your address on the phone is quite a task! We all love shopping and ordering food online, but we also truly hate explaining our addresses repeatedly when deliveries are made. Addresses can be sometimes long or confusing or even identical, and navigating to them becomes a huge feat for the delivery workforce. Not only this, but sometimes you are not available to take deliveries yourself and also those calls!

Do you also go through these common addressing and delivery issues?Has it been a challenge for you too? Do you also wish to know how you can tackle them?

We know how much you regret missing out on that important delivery that hackles your future plans or celebrations! And therefore we bring to you an all in one solution to tackle these issues.

But before starting with the solutions, let’s look into some statistics to understand the bigger picture –

  • About 73.6% consumer reviews state delivery is the key to their overall experience
  • About 61% of consumer reviews state they want faster deliveries
  • About 84% of customer reviews state they don’t repurchase after one poor delivery experience

Isn't that astonishing? All these reviews are based upon “delivery system”, just one wrong move and you lose a customer FOREVER!

If we take a look at the Indian Internet retail sales, it jumped from $290.4 billion to $1.6 trillion between 2008-2018. The impact being:

  • It created an army of delivery fleets on the roads
  • Increased the cases of rash driving to make faster deliveries, and
  • Also caused a lot of deaths

No, it doesn’t stop here! Another major issue with the chaotic Indian addressing system is the carbon footprint we create which is caused by poor last-mile navigation.

So, What do we do about it? Can’t live with it and definitely can’t live without it! Therefore, a smart system is required that will help in sharing, searching and navigating addresses without any delays and with high accuracy.

Again! Where can we find such a solution that can simplify addressing and navigation issues? Here is the solution that we were talking about in the beginning.

Pataa app, yes this is our solution!

Pataa is the smartest digital addressing solution. This app solves almost all the issues like

  • Finding the accurate address
  • Repeated explaining of address
  • Easy sharing of address

And many more..

Oh! You wanna know How?

The answer is rather simple! Pataa makes addresses unique and personalized thus ensuring complete accuracy during navigation via maps.

Basically the Pataa app standardizes addresses and makes long addresses short. At the same time, the app tracks people who are approaching your address on a real-time basis just by a single tap!

The benefits that Pataa app provides its users are limitless. Pataa not only helps commuters but also the logistics and package delivery workforce. The delivery guys can now travel the shortest path during their daily visits. Just imagine the amount of resource and fuel-saving that comes along with this!

Here are some of the industry-first features of the Pataa app that make addressing simple-

  • Provides Unique code for your long address
  • The map is divided into 3x3 sq m blocks that helps in marking the exact location
  • You can guide your guests in your own voice to reach the destination
  • Create extensions for people sharing same address
  • Provides alternate routes to reach your address

So what are you waiting for? Download the Pataa app now and make your address simple and easy to approach!


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