Updated as on : October 15, 2020



You are required to enter your basic information only at the beginning and when you create a Pataa. This information is required so that you can efficiently use the Pataa app. We ask you to enter only your name, mobile number and address so that you can simplify the navigation to your address for others and also search and navigate addresses easily.
You can be completely secure about your personal information such as mobile number as this is not displayed on the Pataa app to any user. For every Pataa that is created, the information displayed is the name of the user who created it, Pataa code, the address and its navigation. Your mobile number remains completely private.

General Questions

The Pataa code for any address is an alphanumeric code of minimum 7 and maximum 11 characters. It is the unique identifier for every address on the Pataa app for which Pataa has been created.
This is the reason why precisely the Pataa code has been designed. You can enter the Pataa code in the Search Pataa option and retrieve its details such as complete address, landmarks and route guides for easy navigation. Thus, navigation of addresses is possible without sharing of important personal information like mobile number.
When you tap on the Create button, you just have to select the exact block for the Pataa on the map and enter the address details. The Suggested Pataa code is created which you can use or you can choose your own Pataa code. So, in a very simple way, you can create Pataa code for your address.
Private here defines any property that is owned by a person or group and is for their personal use only. Private Pataa can be shared by multiple users by creating extensions. The owners can provide the Pataa code only to their visitors for navigation and can receive notifications when approached. Thus, Private Pataa is not visible to other users on the map but can only be discovered by genuine visitors.
Public Pataa is a well-known landmark that is accessible to the public in general. It cannot have extensions and is generated by users who are associated with it or work there. Public Pataa is visible on the map to all users and there isn’t any notification when a visitor approaches it.
A verified Pataa has greater authenticity as compared to a public pataa that is not verified. You can get a public pataa verified by uploading a supporting document from the owner, applicable authority or government body. Documents such as electricity bill, rent agreement, ownership deed, or any address proof that verifies the existence of the property can be uploaded. Once verified, the Public Pataa will appear with a tick which will confirm that it is genuine.

Route Guide

Landmark is the nearest famous place for your Pataa. If a person is visiting at your address, landmark is the most easily identifiable location near to your address where the person should reach first. The navigation becomes much simpler when the landmarks are known.
Once you tap on Suggest Route after freezing the landmark, all the possible optimal routes are displayed from the landmark to your address. Choose the route that you think would be best for a visitor while navigating you address.
Audio guide are the audio instructions to navigate your address from the landmark. You can either record an audio guide in your own voice or use the text-to-speech feature to type the audio text and convert into automated speech. So, audio guide is basically the audio for the last mile navigation guidance.
Certain specific instructions during navigation can help save a lot of time and effort. Like for example, remarks as simple as ‘Please park your vehicle in the B2 Block parking only and take the lift for the 4th floor’ or ‘Beware of dogs in the garden and parking area’ can be really helpful for visitors.

Route Navigation

You can search any Pataa that you want to navigate and view the details. Once you tap on Directions button, you can view the landmarks near to your destination, the suggested routes with their landmarks and blocked routes if there are any. You can select the route that is best for you and follow the directions. On reaching the landmark, you can use the audio guide and remarks for further guidance.
If a Pataa user is navigating your address using the app, you are notified about the details of the visitor who is approaching you. You can also visualize the real-time location of the approaching person on the map and know the approximate time when the person would arrive. Thus, this helps you to be available at the right time and not miss out on anything important such as deliveries.
The Pataa app users can disable routes that are blocked due to certain event or temporarily out-of-service to save commute time for everybody. So, whenever you are navigating using Pataa Directions, you can clearly view the routes that are blocked on the map and you can avoid those routes.
Pataa users can share their experience on a 5-star rating for a navigated route on completing the journey. They can also recommend if a person should take the route or not and for what reasons. So, whenever you are travelling, you can view the rating and recommendations for suggested routes and make an informed choice for faster navigation.
You can check the details of the route including Distance, Best Time, Rating, Number of People who suggested the route and Special Remark along with the Route Guide text and audio. This helps to make your navigation simpler and faster.

All About Extensions

For Private Pataa, if there are multiple users sharing the same address, then an extension can be created for every new user. This helps to differentiate users on the Pataa app and provides a unique custom address to every user sharing the same Private Pataa. e.g. extensions can be created for family members staying at the same address.
There are either Sent or Received Extension Requests. When you select the option Extension Requests, under Sent tab, you can view the status of Sent Extension Requests as Pending, Accepted or Rejected. And under Received tab, you can either Accept or Reject extension creation request.
You can send a Pataa owner a request for extension. You can also Enable or Disable the option to receive Extension Requests from a Pataa owner. For a particular Pataa, you can search an extension from the list of extensions created, edit the extension and share the extension.

App Settings

In the Settings option in the Pataa app, you can find the Notification Settings. It provides you the settings for enabling or disabling the Notifications, Notification Sound and Vibration setting depending on your requirements.
In the Settings option in the Pataa app, select Change Language option to change the app’s current language. You can select the language you want from the list provided.
In the Settings option in the Pataa app, select Change Password option to change your password. You need to enter the old password, the new password and re-enter the new password.

If you have more questions, please write to us at support@pataa.com and we shall surely get back to you immediately.