The New Language
of Address!

Short and unique Digital address code
for your long address

The new way to explain your address

No more repeated typing of address

Share address in a single click

Extended Pataa for family members

Avoid explaining address on calls

A multi-layered and personalized short code

Accurate geotagged location with precision upto 3 mts
Includes voice directions, property photos
Route videos, additional information and more

Check how Pataa looks

Click on any Pataa Plate to see how your Pataa will look like

Seemlessly integrate with leading platforms

Aiding enterprise excellence with multi-dimensional

Reduce cart abandonment rate<br> up to 70%
Reduce cart abandonment rate
up to 70%
Reduce delivery costs up<br> to 30%
Reduce delivery costs up
to 30%
Quick drone deliveries with<br> accurate pick-up and drop offs
Quick drone deliveries with
accurate pick-up and drop offs
Better customer experience with<br> one word addresses
Better customer experience with
one word addresses

Creating a buzz, bringing a revolution

Why do we need Pataa?

  • Poor addresses cause a substantial economic burden of $10 to $14 Bn to India annually.
  • Making unserviceable areas accessible to emergency personnel.
  • Mitigating carbon emissions through high-precision addressing technology.

Our Collaborations

Pataa and Smart City’s collective endeavour to make Indore the first digital address city in India

Pataa and ISRO join hands to revolutionize the addressing system in India