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Explaining long address now made quicker
& simpler


Your address explained with your recorded voice

Record audio in your own voice to guide navigation from landmark to your address.

Easy landmark marking

Mark landmarks that are nearby to help locate your address easily.

Remarks for more information

Add remarks that provide useful instructions, details or tips to find your address.

Simplifying complex address with your own
custom short code


Short & unique custom address

Get a unique & customized short code for your long & complex address.

Address sharing at fingertips

Share your complete address easily with your visitors just with a single tap.

Most accurate & precise address

Simply select a 3 x 3 meter block on the digital map to mark exact address location.


Live location of approaching visitor

Visualize the real-time navigation of the visitor who is approaching your address.

Single address, multiple extensions

Get Extensions for family members or colleagues who have the same address.

QR coding of addresses

Embed QR codes in visiting cards, digital address plates or vehicles for quick addressing.

Efficient route management

Disable routes that are blocked or out-of-service to save commute time for others.


Easy steps to create your own Pataa and register a
space on the digital map forever!

Download App

Download the Pataa app from the App Store or Play Store

Create Pataa

Add complete address details for the last time & get a unique short Pataa code

Add Navigation

Mark landmarks & record audio guides in your voice for navigating your address

Share With The World

Enjoy single-tap Pataa sharing & forget the hassles of complex addresses


Innovating technology that optimizes commuting,
navigation & logistics

Ensure better privacy

No more do you have to share phone numbers with delivery people.

Fast pace for a fast world

Be assured that your commute time will be minimized using Pataa app.

Knock the right door

Reach right on the doorstep without ever having the need to call.

Save fuel save environment

Ensure that your delivery workforce navigates optimally via the shortest routes.

Cut call & delivery costs

Forget the hassles of calling and make efficient deliveries in the first attempt.

Better customer experience

Delight your customers via faster deliveries and zero hassles in locating addresses.


Probably this will be the last time where you enter your
complete address. Say goodbye to your long and
confusing old address and hello to your new Pataa!

Join the revolution and download the Pataa app now!

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