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Top 5 Mistakes of Indian online delivery companies

December 1, 2020

Online shopping and doorstep delivery have been in India for many years now, but when COVID-19 pandemic started to make headlines, online delivery became the only lifeline that modern-day buyers have to reply and depend on. COVID-19 lockdown and social distancing norms significantly changed the shopping behavior; it forced people to stay indoors, insisting both sellers and buyers to go online.

As a result, we witnessed a surge in online deliveries for groceries, medicines, food items, cosmetics, apparel and what not. But when online deliveries became so common and almost like a routine, it was realized that even in 2020, there are some mistakes that these companies or online delivery professionals are making that don’t just effect the operational efficiency and consumer ratings but also increases buyer frustration.

Here we are listing top 5 mistakes that Indian online delivery companies make

Calling over and over again for address details

Explaining the address again and again becomes really frustrating especially when you are in mid of something important and you keep getting calls. It is high time that the industry adopts smart location finding apps to locate the consumer’s doorstep and deliver. This will not just improve customer experience but also make whole delivery system more quick, smooth and hassle free.

Taking in-between stops to ask directions from passersby

There are countless cases where delivery boys are hold responsible for poor road etiquette or traffic snarls. It is a common, everyday scene on roads where delivery boys are seen asking other passers-by or motorists for directions and taking sudden turn or stops, which not only disturbs the whole traffic but also poses a direct threat on other people’s safety.

Traditional and inefficient approaches

Even today, when navigation is becoming smarter with maps and vehicle tracking systems a consumer is asked to choose his address from a drop down menu. Things would have been so simpler if a consumer could point his location on a map or share a route guide.

Not mapping trade zones

Even today several companies rely on excel sheets for information of localities and sub localities to understand if they will be able to deliver an order or not, but this leaves buyers really frustrated. It would be a lot better if they can simply digitize their trade zones using mapping services.

Not able to set ETA

As companies are not aware of the exact location of the consumer’s house, they are not able to set expected time of arrival. As a result, they usually give only a range (35-50 mins) and not the exact time that when your order will arrive.

There’s no denying the fact that all these issues persist in delivery system even today and they make whole system inefficient and senselessly lengthy. Thankfully, now by using Pataa app you can easily get rid of all these problems and know the exact location with precise blocks. The consumers can simply select a 3 x 3 meter block on the digital map to mark exact address location. Also, they can mark landmarks or explain their address in their own recorded voice for better understanding. With features and functionalities like this, Pataa is definitely going to revolutionize the whole addressing system.


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