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The Road to Entrepreneurial Excellence & Innovation

A family-run group, Kimirica Ventures is committed to the long- term evolution of each of its ventures while taking forward their legacy, identity, and expertise. We have a diverse portfolio of ventures catering to industries such as Personal Care, Hospitality, IT and F&B. Pataa is one of our important ventures.

Address Made Simple

The Pataa App is based on an innovative concept that simplifies your long complex address into a unique short code that is easy to share, remember, search and navigate. No more explaining and typing addresses repeatedly.

Timeline: 2018 - 2020

Jan - Jun 2018

The Idea was Born

Our founders were frustrated with the concept of explaining and typing addresses repeatedly whenever they had to order food at different places. While in the Southern parts of India, unaware of the landmarks and language, it became almost impossible to guide the cab driver to fetch them at their location. This is when the vision for Pataa app came into being.

Jul - Dec 2018

The Roadblocks to faster addressing!

Our creative experts and thinkers tried to understand the issues that people face like long addresses, improper residential planning, chaotic roads, dependence on human instructions, typing & explaining addresses repeatedly, etc.

Jan - Jun 2019

Laying the foundation for a head-start!

The senior management and tech-wizards worked day and night to create a blueprint, develop the business intelligence, and formulate the product idea. The solution identified was quite innovative - recorded voice guide to help find addresses and avoid repeated communication. Another interesting idea involved fragmenting the world map into blocks of 3x3 ft. for 100% accuracy of locations.

Jul - Dec 2019

Kick-starting the operations!

The IT production and development of the app began and the technology fitting perfectly well with the requirements was identified. A list of all the app features was created and the framework and functionality of how users will use it in real-time was chalked out.

Jan - Feb 2020

Market Study & Positioning the product!

The leaders and marketing experts did a thorough Market Research, Benchmarking, Competitive Analysis, and analyzed the market for the perfect Positioning of our product. Initially, global metro cities were targeted because online penetration in rural areas is limited.

Mar - Dec 2020

The Great Pandemic Struck!

This was a learning phase for us and it was realized that a lot of people in India, except for the major cities, were not very enthusiastic about tech usage. However, this pandemic forced everyone to access everything online. So, we created our app keeping in mind that even a common man can use it and it has a very simple & intuitive UI/UX.

Leadership Board


Rajat Jain

Co-founder & Director

A visionary leader, Rajat has completed B.Pharma from the Institute of Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Sciences, Gujarat. Rajat emulates the organization’s core value of leadership, development, and growth. He pioneers ideation and creates a blueprint of requirements, formulates the strategy, and guides the operations.


Mohit Jain

Co-founder & Director

Mohit has completed his Master’s in Marketing from the University of Birmingham (UK). A proactive leader, Mohit looks after the product design, UI/UX, and innovative marketing strategies. He has been instrumental in increasing the organization’s reach to customers worldwide and establishing value for the brand.

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