Homes and devices are getting smarter, but what about our addresses

Homes and devices are getting smarter, but what about our addresses
Homes and devices are getting smarter, but what about our addresses

Everything around us is getting smarter from phones to homes to cars and what not. But we are still following traditional approaches in many of our everyday activities. Addressing or finding addresses is one such activity where we still rely on passersby and local vendors, which senselessly makes the whole journey lengthy and cumbersome.

Let’s discuss a very common everyday scenario

You are hungry and not in the mood to cook, so you decide to order food from your favorite food-joint, the restaurant ensures a speedy fast delivery with an estimated time of 30 minutes. You keep checking for the status of your order- placed successfully —Preparing your order— order picked up—your order is on the way. The clock ticks but the status (order is on the way) remains the same even after waiting for 20 minutes. You grow impatient and after waiting for 50 long minutes you call the delivery service, and they assure that your order will be delivered shortly.

The delivery boy is oblivious of the route to M.I.G. and instead goes to L.I.G., which is 4 kms away from your abode. And the peak hour rush makes the situation worst. At last, you get the food but cold after 40 minutes of delay. This whole instance leaves everyone- you, the delivery guy and the restaurant unhappy.

So, if we analyze the whole situation to find whose fault was it- may be the traditional addressing system is to be blamed. If the shared address was more accurate with the landmarks and route details, the order would have arrived earlier. The complication in the shared address made the delivery boy call you multiple times for directions, which not just made the whole process lengthy but also impacted the quality of the delivered food. This happens not just with the food deliveries but with the deliveries of goods too. Remember when you waited for that phone to gift your sister on her birthday, but it delivered late and spoiled your surprise. How Pataa will solve this addressing issue:

The Pataa app is an innovative app that simplifies your long complex address into short and unique custom code. Based on location intelligence, this makes your address easy to share, remember, search and navigate.The smart and seamless digital addressing solution simplifies all the issues that arise due to complex addresses and optimizes commuting, navigation, logistics and last-mile delivery. The navigation technology lets you minimize fuel wastage and your carbon footprint too! Pataa unlike other map apps India will never take you to wrong roads or dead ends. The users can also share their address in their own recorded voice and let the visitor know which route to take, which one to avoid and the exact landmarks that reduces the time of commute as well as number of calls made during the commute.

There are many location platforms but Pataa is easy to use and available for free for both Android and iOS devices. Download the Pataa app now and explore all the incredible features.

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