Visitors having trouble finding your address? Guide them via the revolutionary Pataa app!

Visitors having trouble finding your address? Guide them via the revolutionary Pataa app!
Visitors having trouble finding your address? Guide them via the revolutionary Pataa app!

It’s completely pointless in wasting your time explaining your address over the phone! Imagine how difficult it gets for the visitors to describe where they are stuck and for you to explain where you are. You lose time, energy, number of calls, and most importantly your peace of mind. How nice it would be if you had the access to the technology of the future where you just had to hit a button on your smartphone and worry no more about how your visitors will arrive at your home.  

Introducing the revolutionary concept of making your address simple, Pataa. Pataa app is based on an innovative tech that simplifies your long complex address into a unique single-word code that is easy to share, remember, search, and navigate. Forget explaining and typing addresses repeatedly or for that matter even calling, just relax after sharing your Pataa and you can even see the live location of your visitors, when they are arriving. Our cutting-edge digital addressing technology simplifies addresses and navigation just like a child’s play. It solves the real-life challenges faced by commuters and people trying to locate the right address quickly.

Bringing revolutionary progress and innovation in the world of addresses and navigation, Pataa app optimizes the entire last-mile delivery process. Recent research in the field of navigation and deliveries made for online orders concluded an important fact – Route optimization platforms can save up to 40% in driving time and fuel consumption. Definitely, in today’s age, most of us do online shopping and get our parcels delivered at the office or home. So, why not make the process less complicated and also save our planet by minimizing the carbon footprint that these deliveries result in.

Pataa app simplifies human life and the addressing technology makes commutes and deliveries more aligned to sustainability. Your go-to commute guide, Pataa app is 100% reliable as it maps the most precise location of your home entrance and lets you share the location along with complete address details, landmarks, voice directions, and more. You can choose your own one-word Pataa so that you remember it forever and can share it easily. Once you create your Pataa code, you just have to mark landmarks and record voice directions to make navigation a walk in the park. In case you want automated voice messages, the text-to-speech feature can be used to create voice directions with clearly audible messages removing the hassle of navigating visitors through a voice call.

You can additionally, mark a Pataa as Public or Private. Generally, Private Pataa is used for personal property such as home or farmhouse whereas Public is used for common ones such as malls, restaurants, parks, government offices, etc. Moreover, you can disable the routes that are blocked or temporarily out-of-service so that visitors avoid facing roadblocks and save on commute time. 

Now, never get lost in the maze of roads and chaotic constructions. Add all address details just once and share them with a tap of a button forever!

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