Simplifying the complex addressing system in India – Your go-to address guide: Pataa app!

Simplifying the complex addressing system in India – Your go-to address guide: Pataa app!
Simplifying the complex addressing system in India – Your go-to address guide: Pataa app!

India has a complex addressing system that maps houses, buildings, government offices, corporate zones, etc. based on the locality and roads they are present on. However, there are also a lot of parts in our country that does not have an official address. The diversity in our culture, languages, dialects, etc. is quite pronounced and this adds to the confusion along with the unplanned construction that happens to result in a complex road system and difficult commutes. Thus, a very simple and easy way of addressing is required throughout our country to make commutes and finding addresses easy and efficient.

As we move into the future, app-based services keep multiplying such as food ordering, cab booking, online shopping and delivery, etc. These all services depend on the accuracy of the address given by the customer and how easy it is to navigate the address. Then there are also cases we wish to visit someplace or home of people we know and where we didn’t visit earlier before. Though apartment and society names can be seen on online maps, it is difficult to locate private homes or any other private property. To finds such places quickly and accurately we need to make a number of calls to the owner or locate a landmark and then ask for directions while we are moving on the road. It gets frustrating trying to understand the directions while driving and also talking over the phone, plus it is risky as well.

Introducing the most innovative and simple way to explain your address. Pataa app, simplifies your long and complex address into a unique single-word code that is easy to share, remember, search, and navigate. No longer do you have to explain or type your address repeatedly or be on call forever to guide your visitors. Don’t lose your cool while explaining addresses or finding them, just relax and use the Pataa app to share your address with one tap and also find them easily using real-time navigation, marked landmarks, and voice directions.

You can search any Pataa code accurately on the map, reach its doorstep without the need of calling or ever getting lost. You can also check remarks and get more information about the place and tips on how to reach quickly and specific information about the apartment, do’s, and don’ts.

The journey of finding addresses in India has always been long and cumbersome. But, Pataa app makes your life and your addresses just so simple that commutes and deliveries never give you any headache. Pataa app is the most reliable and also the most accurate address sharing and navigation app that lets you share not just your address location but complete address details, landmarks, voice directions, and remarks. You have the freedom to choose your own one-word Pataa code to make it memorable and easy to discover. Create your code, mark your address entrance on the map, mark the nearby landmark, and record voice directions – all this just once while being able to share it forever! 

So, download the Pataa app and explore the world of simple addresses and faster navigation!

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