How PIN codes Are Generated In India

How PIN codes Are Generated In India
How PIN codes Are Generated In India

Have you ever been curious about how the PIN code for your region was assigned? Or How PIN codes are generated in India? Or why are there so many variations in the PIN codes used around the country? Lets know about it in detail below, The idea of pataa is to simplify the manual address hunt process by generating a digital address code.

When discussing India’s addressing system and its many aspects, these are very prominent and frequently asked questions concerning the addressing system and its various elements to which the postal system is an integral part.

PIN codes in India play a significant role in our lives, especially in modern times, where online deliveries have become a substantial part of our routines. Not only this, they form the identity of your neighborhood and are a unique code of grave importance when it comes to identifying your home or office. It will make your digital address code India smart by downloading the Pataa app and making your address easy to trace.

Let’s begin by understanding what a PIN code is and what each number of the code signifies.

What Is A PIN code?

PIN code stands for Postal Index Number. It is a six-digit code in the Indian Postal Code system and is used by the India Post. On August 15, 1972, the PIN was introduced.

The primary objective behind the establishment of the PIN codes in India was to assist employees of the country’s postal department in the process of manually sorting and delivering mail to the correct address, thereby removing the potential for confusion caused by the public’s use of incorrect addresses, similar place names, and a variety of languages.

Decoding PIN codes

We are Decoding PIN codes by understanding the process of PIN code generation.

The first digit refers to the region.

In India, there are nine postal zones, 8 of which are regional, and 1 is dedicated only to the Indian Army and is referred to as the functional zone. The very first number of the  (PIN) denotes the region. There are nine different zones in total, each located in another part of the nation.

(Sample image):

The second digit represents the subregion.

The second digit denotes the subdivision of the postal zones into sub-regions. Thus, the first two digits represent a postal circle i.e. states or union territories.

The third digit refers to the sorting district.

When combined with the first two digits, the third digit of the postal code will represent a particular geographic region (the only exception to this rule is the functional zone, which is intended for the Army). This is referred to as a sorting district.

The fourth digit represents service routes for post offices.

Within the sorting district, the fourth digit denotes the route on which a delivery post office is located. This digit is 0 for offices in the sorting district’s central region. The third and fourth digits focus on each state’s mail-sorting district. .

The last two digits represent the post offices.

The fifth and sixth numbers indicate the exact post office that has jurisdiction over the address. Beginning with 01, which represents the General Post Office (GPO) or head office (HO) in the region, this numbering is done chronologically, and higher numbers are issued to more recent delivery offices.. If a delivery office handles a considerable volume of mail, a new delivery office is formed, and the next available PIN is allocated to it.

So, according to the steps mentioned above of assigning PIN codes, if your state is Gujarat with Ahmedabad as your district under it and Bodakdev as your area, then your PIN code will be 380054. And Voila, this is how you find a PIN code.

Now you know how your country has taken steps to make your addressing system more advanced and efficient so that locating your location is never a hassle with the accurate PIN code.

Digital Addresses code For A Digital India

Another innovative step in the right direction India is taking to make the addressing system more developed and efficient is introducing digital address code  so that we never have to write our whole addresses again.

Before that, you can get a taste of this unique system that will soon make your digital address code India smart by downloading the Pataa app and making your address easy to share, locate, and navigate.

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