Solution to Emergency service delays due to unstructured addressing system

Solution to Emergency service delays due to unstructured addressing system
Solution to Emergency service delays due to unstructured addressing system

India is now the most populated country in the world, and with so many people, it has become imperative to provide them with prompt emergency services. The prevalence of terms like ‘The Golden Hour’ and the ‘Platinum Ten Minutes’ have strongly signified the importance of prompt emergency response. The greatest chance of survival for someone in distress is receiving basic care from a trained professional or being transported to the nearest healthcare facility within fifteen to twenty minutes of an emergency.

Pre-hospital medical services like ambulances for transportation of the distressed to or from places of treatment and medical care are an integral part of the system. Yet, due to the complex addressing system of the nation, it has been noticed that these emergency mobile first aid providers are unable to reach the distressed in adequate time.

According to a report from the Comptroller and Auditor General, ambulances of the 108 emergency services failed to reach 50 percent of trauma patients within the golden hour. This report also claims that from a period between 2014 and 2019, emergency services were unable to attend to nearly 30 percent of the people who called in for help in the first 30 minutes. The ideal response time for people who experience cardiac, respiratory and stroke is 10 minutes, yet emergency service personnel are unable to reach the location of the distressed in this time window.

In a shocking incident from Rajkot, a delay of 45 minutes by 108 emergency services resulted in the passing away of Anil Singhvi, who is a close relative of Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani. When the distressed first complained of difficulty in breathing, the family called for an ambulance. Unfortunately, by the time the ambulance actually arrived, his condition had worsened and he had an asthma attack, which proved to be fatal.

This unfortunate incident occurred as the family conveyed their location as ‘behind Modi School’ and there being at least 3 other schools in Rajkot with the same name.

Pataa aims to solve this problem of complex and unstructured addresses in the country with our short and personalized digital address code. With Pataa, you can easily create a digital shortcode for your long address which boasts a location accuracy of up to 3 mts. When you create your personalized digital short code, it will be geotagged with your exact location. Not only this, you can also add voice directions from your nearest popular places from where you usually guide your visitors, that too in your own voice. You could also use the text to speech feature in case you do not wish to record your voice. You can even add your property photos and route videos to your location so as to ensure that your visitors can reach your exact location with ease.

With this system in place, we aim to aid emergency services in providing prompt responses to people in distress by ensuring they reach the exact location that too in the required time. We can ensure that the distress call goes to the nearest dispatch location for emergency personnel and they get access to the shortest route possible to provide medical assistance to patients at the earliest.

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