Is your address also smart like your mobile phone ?

Is your address also smart like your mobile phone ?
Is your address also smart like your mobile phone ?

How many of you remember using mobile phones with switch pad, when we had to press a single button multiple times to type an alphabet. But eventually, mobile phones became smarter and now with just a single touch we are able to do a lot. Similarly, a lot of things have become smarter around us like our homes and our way of interacting with gadgets. Today, with a single voice command we are able to listen to our favorite song or order food from our favorite restaurant. And this is how it should be, the purpose of technological advancement is to make the lives of humans comfortable and convenient. However, still there are various things that need to become smarter like our addresses.

Even today we use methodical and traditional approaches when it comes to addresses. Though, we got multiple map apps in India but still one has to face multiple issues in locating an address. If you have ever used GPS navigation, then you will agree that they certainly guide you about the route but still you end up on wrong paths or dead ends or get stuck in traffic jams or potholes. This is the reason why delivery boys prefer calling you numerous times rather than using map apps.

Do you remember how many times the last delivery guy that came to your place called you? And do you also remember the amount of frustration and anger those calls caused or how disturbing or embarrassing that was for you during those office meetings and conference calls? Without a doubt, explaining address multiple times can become annoying and it also creates a lot of disturbance if you are a part of a group gathering. And not just this, if by chance you end up missing those calls then be ready for late delivery. These scenarios are very common in India and almost each one of us has experienced one or the other instance at least once in our lives.

Now, imagine a solution to this problem. An app that uses navigation technology in a more personalized manner and allows sharing address with exact route details and guide. Thankfully, today we have apps available that allow you to share your address in a code form and with that single code the visitor can know the exact details about the address like landmark, audio guide and additional instructions if any. Let us understand this with an example. Say, you want to share your address with your guests visiting you for the first time. So, instead of calling them or them calling you to take clarity on landmark or route, all you have to do is share your address in the code format through the smart device app.

With the code your visitor will get to know the exact location of your home on the map. You can also add landmarks that are popular, easy to find or nearby your place to help your visitors reach you without any trouble. Also, these location platforms allow you to record your address in your own voice as an audio guide to your home. So, if at any place the visitor feels stuck or lost, they can listen to that guide and get more clarity on which route to take, which one to avoid and from where to take the next turn. This is exactly where these apps prove to be an innovative solution because in typical map apps in India, there is automated recording that guides you to take left from 500m or take right from 100m but sometimes those roads are so clumsy or congested that you avoid taking them and end up on a wrong route.

But when you have the address owner himself/herself explaining you the route, the visitors will be sure that the route they are taking will lead you to the right destination without any hassles or problems in the way. The apps also have navigation technology so you will be able to track the navigation of the visitors. Through the app you can clearly see the navigation of the visitor and if at all anywhere you feel they are lost or missed the turn then you can directly give a call and instruct them before they get lost and call you for instructions. This will also give your visitors a very nice and warm feeling that you care about them and keeping a track of their navigation.

So, next time someone visits you, be a tech savvy and share your address in modern digital way instead of telling them about the turns and landmarks and making your general store your local home address guide.

Everything around you is smart, make your address also smart.

These apps are available free of cost and can be downloaded from Play Store and App Store.

What is Pataa:

The Pataa app is an innovative app that simplifies your long complex address into short and unique custom code. Based on location intelligence, this makes your address easy to share, remember, search and navigate. The smart and seamless digital addressing solution simplifies all the issues that arise due to complex addresses and optimizes commuting, navigation, logistics and last-mile delivery. The navigation technology lets you minimize fuel wastage and your carbon footprint too! Pataa unlike other map apps India will never take you to wrong roads or dead ends. The users can also share their address in their own recorded voice and let the visitor know which route to take, which one to avoid and the exact landmarks that reduces the time of commute as well as number of calls made during the commute.

There are many location platforms but Pataa is easy to use and available for free for both Android and iOS devices. Download the Pataa app now and explore all the incredible features.

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