Issues in India’s addressing system and their solution

Issues in India’s addressing system and their solution
Issues in India’s addressing system and their solution

How often do you find yourself explaining your home or office address to your guests, visitors or delivery persons? And do you find these phone calls disturbing and annoying? Well, we feel it usually depends on the situation you are in, say if you are in a meeting or driving or taking your noon nap then these calls can definitely be disturbing and annoying, especially if the same person calls multiple times to understand your address. No matter how detailed or elaborated address you share, it is almost close to impossible that the person reaches you without any guidance. May be instead of giving you a call, he or she chose to ask the passersby or local vendors or stores for the route. These address calls are not just irritating for you but also for the person visiting you.

Almost each one of us have experienced both the scenarios. Roaming on the streets cluelessly finding that ATM or temple or a grocery store, with no one to help, can be really frustrating and moreover it wastes time. Now, if we talk about the delivery guys or cab drivers who have to find multiple addresses in a day that too on daily basis, we can just imagine the amount of irritation they experience and the time they end up wasting. If map apps India were more popular then may be, they could deliver a few more parcels in a day or pick/drop a few more passengers and earn more money. Maybe you never realized how big this addressing problem in India is and how much does it cost logistics companies on annual basis, but it is high time that we start using navigation technology to reach our locations faster and without any hassle.

GPS or Global Positioning System is the navigation technology which is being used by many mobile apps to address the addressing issue. The map apps India provides portability and comfort. They provide route maps and voice guidance to assist you reach your destination in a hassle-free way. Besides, these apps also provide live traffic updates keeping you in a more informed position to choose your route and may be time to commute. But, today a number of these apps are available making it confusing for the users to choose the best.

If you are also confused in choosing location platforms, then just keep a few things in mind when choosing an app to make your everyday commute easy. First and foremost, it is important to choose an app that allows you to do more than just navigate through the maps. Today, smart address apps are available that allow you to create personal address guide. By personal address guide we mean you can create a code for your address, where you can share the complete details of your address like the possible routes, preferred route and even audio guide to the address. In the audio guide you can record the address of your home or office in your own voice and explain even minutest of details like from where to take left or the landmark they should look for on the way etc.

Second the app should be easy to use with user-friendly interface. If an app allows you to do a lot but it is complicated to use or has poor interface then it won’t serve its purpose. Last but not the least make sure that the app is compatible with your phone. By keeping all these points in mind you can easily ensure that the app or the location platform you are choosing is the best and will resolve your addressing problem. Pataa is one such addressing app that is not just easy to use but helps you reach the exact location by guiding you whether to go on flyover or take the service lane.

So, overall we can say that these apps provide a lot more than just map technology. Besides, they are absolutely free to use and can be downloaded on your smart devices from the App Store. Apps like these can be used by everyone and prove to be of great help especially for delivery guys, cab drivers etc. who have to daily find number of different addresses. With these apps addressing issues in India can be easily resolved and delivery and cab services can be made more efficient and profitable.

So, don’t just use maps, become a smart commuter and switch to smart addressing app.

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