Solution to the massive 10 to 14 billion dollar addressing problem in India

Solution to the massive 10 to 14 billion dollar addressing problem in India
Solution to the massive 10 to 14 billion dollar addressing problem in India

Complex and unstructured addressing systems have haunted our nation for a prolonged period, causing an estimated loss of nearly 10 to 14 billion every year. Out of the millions of inhabitants, many people do not have a proper and structured address that can help their homes, businesses or other properties be easily located on a map.

This complex and unstructured addressing system can cause a huge economic impact to a plethora of industries that rely on navigation and location, not to mention to emergency service providers and the government.

For example, if we take a peek into the logistics and delivery industry, we can see that incorrect addresses and PIN codes cause a substantial monetary burden to the operating organizations.

In case of emergency services, there are delays caused in providing immediate care to the distressed which also results in undue loss of lives.

In an attempt to aid in mitigating this vast problem, we at Pataa have devised a technological solution through digitizing the long and complex addresses of the masses into unique and personalized shortcodes. With our geotagged addresses, we can enhance the location accuracy by up to 3 sq mts with thereby narrowing down the area one has to navigate through to find the location.

With our digital addressing system, we can help drastically reduce the losses for many industries that reply on addresses and navigation technology to carry out day to day tasks –


Increase conversions and transform first time visitors into recurring customers
  • Enable your customers to check out faster by auto-populating their entire address in a single click
  • Reduce the repetitive interaction required from customers to successfully place orders on your online stores
  • Encourage customers to buy more by streamlining and promoting smooth checkout experiences
  • Get pre-verified customer data that facilitates security


A platform for geotagged location and multi-dimensional addresses from the first mile
  • Timely and efficient shipping of goods from local distribution centres to stores or from factories to distribution centres with precise multi-dimensional addresses
  • With automated sorting of packages for different Pataa zones, greatly organize and manage delivery structure and schedules
  • Reach customer’s delivery location quickly with geotagged and accurate addresses and increase the number of deliveries per day
  • Prohibit pick-up and return of shipments sought to be sent to unserviceable areas due to incorrect pin codes
  • Real time location tracking for packages and personnel provides delivery assurance
  • Ensure shipments are taken directly to the desired location and not to wrong addresses

Ride Hailing

Arrive at the exact pick-up spot without having to ask for directions
  • Reach your passengers’ pick-up locations and drop off destinations quickly and effortlessly
  • You can reach customers even in remote locations in the middle of nowhere
  • Save time and money by reaching every customer’s exact location with precision and ease and make a better living
  • With diminished unnecessary communication and precise, on-time pick-ups and drop offs, deliver an unparalleled experience to your customers


Quickly find the shortest route to your destination
  • Begin navigation by simply entering a short code for your destination’s entire address
  • With seamless integrations with technologies like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, our technology can be used with virtually any in-car entertainment system
  • SoS functionality directly integrated into the system for one tap emergency alerting to authorities

Emergency Services

Arrive at identified or unidentified locations with ease via square code technology
  • Reach people in distress faster with the help of precise and accurate geotagged location
  • Simple identification of anonymous locations with square code technology enables emergency services to respond faster
  • Prompt response for emergency services even in areas with limited network availability, an ideal implementation for emergency services


Explicit geotagged location for effortless autonomous deliveries
  • Pin accurate take off and drop off locations with superior precision
  • Precise location combined with accurate remote optical navigation enables your packages to reach you faster


Mapping the entire nation on a digital grid for mass land identification
  • Making a noticeable reduction in unforeseen economic losses caused by unstructured and complicated addressing system worldwide
  • Technology that maps the world and gives a unique identifying code to every possible piece of land
  • Lowering the amount of time spent finding and navigating locations in vehicles reduces overall carbon emissions

With the continuous development of our technology, we strive to find better and more efficient solutions and enhance the functionality of our existing tech to bring about a greater benefit.

We hope we are able to make a noticeable difference in aiding the problems caused by the complex addressing system with our technology.

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