Solution to the common challenges for ecommerce businesses

Solution to the common challenges for ecommerce businesses
Solution to the common challenges for ecommerce businesses

The coming of the internet and the smartphone has revolutionized the way people go about their day to day lives. Nowadays, it has become ever so simple to get groceries, household essentials, clothes and a plethora of other things delivered directly to your home at the touch of a button.

This has led to a drastic growth in the ecommerce market as more and more people become accustomed to the use of technology. But, this has also lead to a rise in new kinds of problems that consist within the e-store world.

Since there is no physical contact, most online store owners are wary of the identity of their customers and it is a big pain point to verify their identity. Another big constraint is that a lot of people abandon their carts and do not proceed to checkout due to the lengthy and cumbersome process of filling out the long address form.

User experience is also lost due to the fact that some packages are returned back to the seller due to not being able to deliver on time, which is mostly caused due to entering incorrect addresses or pin codes by the customers. Another problem arises due to the high standards of data security that have now come to be expected of e-store providers. A lot of these problems cause a big hurdle in carrying out sales and amassing long term, repeating customers.

Here at Pataa, in our aim to simplify the complex address system of the nation, we have developed solutions to aid in mitigating the problems of ecommerce providers in an attempt to magnify sales and revenue.

Enter Pataa Address Autofill API, a solution that enables e-shoppers to enter their verified and geotagged address with a single click, getting away with filling out long address forms and enhancing the customer experience. With Address Autofill API, e-stores can get away with cart abandonment caused by long address forms and in turn reap the benefits of greater conversions and sales. Not only this, with verified and geotagged addresses of the customers, the chances of the package arriving at the wrong door are greatly diminished and also, delivery time can be cut short by a noticeable margin.

Our product seamlessly integrates with market leading e-store technologies like woocommerce, shopify, magento, flutter, react, php etc and the integration process is so simple that it barely takes a few minutes to get rolling. There are 3 simple steps involved to integrate the API, namely generate your key, select your platform and activate your newly obtained key. We even have a dedicated section for documents and guides to assist you with the integration process and our team is always available in case you need them.

We are integrating with multiple ecommerce stores with each passing day, giving them the benefits of conversions and sales with our ecosystem of products. More and more people are creating their digital addresses and carrying out their purchases online via ecommerce stores. Reach out to us now and witness the power of a technologically advanced digital addressing system.

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